Congress Language

The official PULSEmeet Convention language is English.

Workshops are mainly in English. Yet some workshops may be held in different languages by our non-English speaking contributors and translated into English. And some of the workshops may even be offered in different languages at different times (native language of the speaker and English).

Translation Equipment

If you need translation please indicate it in your registration form.

If you have asked for translation on your application sheet, you will receive a headset upon registration on site. During the whole time of the Convention you are responsible for the equipment entrusted to you. You will be charged 100 euros for every lost translation device.

NOTE: Although you receive translation equipment from the Convention Administration, your Union is responsible for providing a translation in your language. You may contact your Union Youth Department for further information and to make sure they will provide translation into your language.

Can you translate?

If you are able to translate from English into your native language, please get in contact with your Union Youth Department!

We are more than happy about anyone willing to help their natives in their need of language support!