Why should not labor for the youth in our borders be regarded as missionary work of the highest kind? It requires the most delicate tact, the most watchful consideration, the most earnest prayer for heavenly wisdom.”
Ellen G. White, GW 207.3

More than one hundred years separate us from this quote. One hundred years! Since then the times have changed dramatically, the age of youth has expanded distinctively in our societies, and the experience of adolescence is different from the one experienced in those days. Yet the statement is more relevant than ever!

That is why the EUD Youth Ministries Department has launched ‘PULSE.meet’, a Youth Leadership Training Convention for youth leaders, youth pastors and everyone with the love and passion for serving and ministering to young people. PULSE.meet is designed to offer quality training, professional impulse, spiritual motivation. It is also an international platform to reflect, discuss, and pray with youth-people from all over Europe about the challenge to reach young people with the Gospel of the coming Christ, to empower and disciple youth in various ways to live up to their God-given potential, and to help the emerging adult to be fully integrated (relationally and systemically) into the life and the mission of the local Adventist communities of faith.

PULSE.meet is serious because, for Christ’s sake, we need to be serious about young people!

So, join us in this challenging experience!